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Our goal: To improve people’s lives through successful investment.

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Tanmiya Investment Co. W.L.L supports entrepreneurs with ventures that have strong growth potential. By forming strategic partnerships, we aim to enable the entrepreneur in various capacities beyond providing just capital, but also networking opportunities, managerial expertise, direction and support. We see ourselves as a partner in our client’s financial lives. Our management services are aimed at serving our client’s best interests. Every client has unique needs and we offer a personalized and engaging approach to learning about your needs and building a plan to help you meet them.

We take time to educate our clients about investing and financial planning so that they understand the decisions they’re making. Our firm provides straightforward investment process without confusing charts or technical jargon. We work tirelessly to create winning strategies for our clients. We invest in what makes a difference for clients, not just what attracts them. By knowing what to expect, we hope you’ll find it easier to stick to your plan in times of high emotion and uncertainty in the markets.

About Us
Who we are

Bhavi Investment Holding Co. W.L.L trading as Tanmiya Investment Co. W.L.L with RC/65026-1 is a Bahrain based investment company that invests in early stage startups with strong growth potential in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region and beyond. We work with entrepreneurs to build solid, scalable businesses and ensure access to capital at early stages of a venture to fuel their growth. Beyond financial investment, we offer support through mentorship, access to markets, networks, and clients, as well as cross-border operational support.

Our firm is dedicated to providing exceptional investment management services by customizing financial advice, highly personalized investment strategies, and disciplined management to capture opportunity while minimizing risk. Our company is based on offering objective perspective, personalized planning, and sophisticated investment management to individual investors and families as well as pension plans and foundations.

As we continue to grow and look to the future, Tanmiya Investment Co. W.L.L is committed to remaining a trusted and unbiased resource for our clients. The financial services industry, markets, and world are changing fast, while people are living longer and facing more complex financial needs. At the same time, investors are increasingly seeking to partner with advisors who offer unbiased guidance to help them face today’s financial planning challenges.

Our Mission
Reducing Risk; Delivering Greater Value

The firm creates a collaborative investment strategy where our mission is single-minded: we are focused on providing objective, customized investment service. We specialize in providing independent assessments and exclusive investment recommendations for our client portfolios. Our clients rely upon us to successfully navigate the range of financial goals they seek to attain. Our long-term success depends on whether we can add sustainable value to our portfolio companies. Our overall emphasis is on quality across every aspect of our business.

Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Tanmiya Investment Co. W.L.L?

We are focused on understanding you at the human level and taking a hollistic approach to help you and your business achieve financial goals. Since we are focused on our client's goals and interests alone, we seek to engage and develop long-term relationships with our clients.Understanding the personal experiences of our clients provides our staff with the necessary qualitative breadth to meet their ever changing needs. All of our client relationships are managed by seasoned professionals with expertise in either portfolio management or high-level financial services

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Reducing Risk; Delivering Greater Value. Our long-term success depends on whether we can add sustainable value to our portfolio companies. Our overall emphasis is on quality across every aspect of our business.

Investment Strategy

We invest in healthy, mature and well-led companies, operating along the entire MENA region and beyond. We are flexible in our deal structure and can find the right solution to optimally support the company in its next growth phase. Tanmiya Investment Co. W.L.L aims to guarantee that all our portfolio companies work in an ethical way and responsible way. They should act with responsibility towards the community and environment in which its operates. At Tanmiya Investment Co. W.L.L, we are very focused on what we’re good at, what we like to do, and where we’ve built track record, that is building and investing in small to medium-sized companies in different consumer sectors that are well positioned for value-creating growth or transformation.

Financial Advisory

Our Financial Advisory services provide organizations with the proper advice in connection with a wide range of strategic and financial matters. We create innovative cost-effective strategies for capital funding and project development. We work as your independent financial advisor to help evaluate, plan, and implement financial plans that meet the needs of your organization for both short and long-term success. Our goal is to add value to your business by ensuring that return on our capital exceeds cost of capital by designing, implementing and monitoring financial plans, and if need be, providing a liaison with the financial community and investors. We stress the importance of having a well-defined business plan that is accurate with current information to support your strategies and financial projections.

Assets Management

We provide exceptional personal service, valued advice and investment performance driven by expert knowledge in this specialist field. Tanmiya Investment Co. W.L.L's goal is to build long-term wealth for its clients by generating the highest possible returns with the least amount of volatility. Tanmiya Investment Co. W.L.L leverages its broad and deep product and service offering, its leading edge technology and personalized approach to meet the special needs of a wide range of clients. We provide a disciplined value approach to your investment planning with our top-down, bottom-up approach to research. We aim to achieve sustainable income and capital gains from your investment portfolio by following consistent value-based guidelines. With the utmost regard for client confidentiality, we offer objective financial advice with investment strategies that work delivered through service that is not driven by commissions but a share of investment performance.


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